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Establishment of an interdisciplinary educational platform on recognizing and treating victims of domestic violence in Slovenian health care settings (PDF; ​Size: 456kB)

PowerPoint presentation - Recognizing and treating victims of domestic violence in health care settings guidelines and training for health professionals (PDF; ​Size: 1MB)

Recognising and treating victims of domestic violence in Slovenia - source (PDF; Size: 433kB)

Rurality in Domestic Violence Research: Some Reflections - a​uthor Duška Knežević Hočevar (PDF; Size: 272kB)

Cognitive Behavioral Group Treatment for Men Voluntarily Seeking Help for Violence towards Their Intimate Partners - a​uthors Stig Jarwson, Merete Berg Nesset, Tom Palmstierna, Jim Aage Nottestad, Erik Søndenaa (PDF; Size: 129kB)

Assessing and managing the Risk for Intimate Partner Violence - a​uthor and presenter Merete Berg  (PDF; Size: 1MB)​

Recognizing and treating violence in close relationships in the health care service in Norway - authors Merete Berg Nesset, Stig Jarwson, Jim Aage Nøttestad, Roger Almvik (PDF; Size: 492 kB)​​

Poster - Comparison of perceived barriers in responding to domestic violence between health care professionals- authors: Urška Smrke, Saša Zorjan, Lilijana Šprah (PDF; Size: 294kB)

Pre​sentation - Coping with domestic violence- experiences of victims in the health care setting -Authors: Sanja Cukut Krilić, Melita Zver Makovec (PDF; Size: 424kB)

Poster -Domestic violence in families of the Roma barriers to recognition and treatment - Author: Sanja Cukut Krilić (PDF; Size: 202kB)

The project is co-financed within The Norwegian Financial Mechanism Programme 2009-2014. The coordinator of the program is the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy of the Republic of Slovenia.

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